Grey’s Anatomy, or as I like to call it, Bae’s Anatomy

Let’s get real. If you haven’t watched Greys Anatomy, are you really a binger?

Greys is one of those shows that has a GIF or meme for any scenario possible. From addressing every social issue to teaching life lessons, Greys Anatomy is the perfect medical drama to watch on those late nights when you’ve just had enough of studying.

Want to feel like a doctor for 48 minutes? Watch Greys Anatomy.

Want to feel like someone actually just gets you? Watch Greys Anatomy.

Want to stare at hot doctors save lives? You guessed it: Watch Greys Anatomy.

From Alex Karev to McSteamy to McDreamy, Greys has got all the eye candy a girl could ask for. And for the gentlemen out there, there’s always Meredith Grey for you.

Now for those of you who haven’t seen Greys (um why not?), it’s your run of the mill medical drama that deals with anything you could think doctors deal with. We’ve got our once in a lifetime surgeries, love triangles, rule-breaking, and so much more.

I mean honestly, how can this ideal couple not inspire you to binge and obsess over Greys Anatomy?