revenge.jpgAmanda Clarke? Emily Thorne? Who is who, and why is there confusion to begin with?


A tale of torture, betrayal, hurt, and love, Revenge will have you rooting for the bad guy.

Amanda Clarke was only a little girl when her father was taken from her. Charged for a crime he didn’t commit, David Clarke spent 20 years separated from his daughter. Killed in prison (???), Amanda goes on to avenge herĀ father’s framing and death in prison. In order to do so, she needs a new identity; Emily Thorne.


Set in the Hamptons, Revenge lets you live vicariously amongst the rich, seeing into the daily lives of Victoria, Conrad, Charlotte, and Daniel Grayson.


Does Amanda get revenge at the end of our journey through 4 seasons? Does she get answers? Does she find true love?


Long Live One Tree Hill

I was in desperate need for my heartstrings to be pulled, tears to be shed, and laughs to be had. I turned to One Tree Hill and Lucas, Nathan, Peyton and Haley. 8 wonderful seasons of heartbreak and relationships, family drama and marriage, and life after graduation.




If you’ve never seen One Tree Hill, here’s a quick synopsis for you:

Lucas and Nathan have the same dad, but different moms.

Nathan and Peyton are dating.

Brooke doesn’t like to settle down.

Lucas and Haley are BFF’s.

(Fast forward)

Nathan and Haley get married.

Lucas and Peyton date.

Brooke has twins.


Well then, that escalated rather quickly. Want details? Go binge it for yourself. I guarantee you won’t regret it.